Books to Read on Vacation Beaches (and Beyond)

Do you like to read books on the beach…but want places nearby to go for fun, food, and entertainment? 

Then the Gulf Coast may be the best place for you to be.  

Our Gulf Coast has inviting beaches surrounded by diverse cultural foods and entertainment. What fun to visit every one of those beaches, stretching from Florida’s Key West all the way around the coastline to the island of South Padre near Texas's southern tip. 

That’s a lot of beach places for you to explore. Perhaps too many?  Our Literary Cats would like to help you find your way. 

Literary Cats connect favorite Gulf Coast places with many of the books written about such places.  So you can decide just where you might most want to go.

No time to come relax to read on a beach?  Don’t fret.  

Every Literary Cat knows, it does not matter one tiny bit where you go to read.  You could enjoy the whole Gulf Coast without leaving home. 

Because, once you open a book, the story can take you anywhere...even to vacation beaches (or faraway places).  

Happens wherever we read, on a beach or not.

No Secret this Gulf Coast Has Beaches

Our upper Gulf of Mexico coastline sparkles with crystal-white, soft sandy beaches. Perfect for beach reading.

And perfect for beach vacations, too.

Upper Gulf of Mexico coast sparkles with white sand.Alabama beaches, smack-dab in the middle of our upper Gulf Coast. That’s fact, not fiction.

Can you see yourself relaxing on such a beach...with a popular beach reading book in hand? 

Or are you more curious about people and places on our beaches?

Read Books About Beach Places

The Secret of Gulf Beaches 

The obvious secret of the Gulf Coast is…neither you nor your book (or vacation) need stay only on the beach. 

Don't live in our paradise?

But you love a good story!

Gulf Coast beaches may be the best place for you to come. 

Because, as any local person (or Literary Cat) can tell you, the beaches are only one attraction, of ever so many. 

Every Gulf Coast beach, especially an Alabama beach, puts you close to a great variety of places to enjoy. Places you may have visited while reading history books, or fictional books, or even true fact books.

Other places come with local stories attached—places like Pirate’s Cove, Flora-bama, and Catman Road (to name a very few).

Ready to Go Places?

Perhaps you know Gulf Coast places you want to visit, near the beaches and beyond.  And now you’re ready to go explore, either through experiences in person or stories in books.

For readers who like to go places in person, reading books about certain destinations can stir one’s curiosity into a real desire to travel (even to imagined places). 

Other readers prefer to travel the whole world lost in the pages of a story, letting imagination satisfy all curiosity of places read about in books. 

Readers visit amazing places, literally and literarily.

Literary Cats enjoy when a literary setting becomes a reader’s next vacation adventure (no matter how the reader travels). 

Especially when that setting is on our own Gulf Coast.

That’s why Literary Cats share books that mention interesting Gulf Coast places to go that we hope you'll enjoy visiting, either when you read books (like book title) or explore such places in person. 

No one should ever run low on places to go or books to read. 

Places to Go Right Out of Literary Settings

Facts about Fictional Places

Before-the-Movie Books to Read

A book will travel with you wherever you go.

Read books on the beach and your mind travels to places you can only imagine. 

But visit those imagined places yourself and watch an ordinary day (or beach vacation) become extraordinary! 

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