Curiosity Leads Us to Our Favorite Places

Locals know, being curious is the best way to discover new favorite places to go. And we all need places to go, even if we live on a beach.

Those of us who live here, along the northern shores of the Gulf of Mexico, know we live in a beach paradise — filled with sunshine, sparkling white sand, and lots of fun, food, and entertainment.

No one needs genius to enjoy these extraordinary beaches.

Upper Gulf of Mexico coast sparkles with white sand.Upper Gulf Coast sparkling white soft sand.

The genius of our Gulf Coast is, neither you (nor your vacation) need to stay on the beach. 

Especially when you’re on an Alabama beach.

Gulf Coast Beach Paradise

Alabama beaches place you smack dab in the middle of this paradise. Close to everything you (or someone with you) will want to do...whatever you enjoy! 

What's Beyond Our Beautiful Alabama Beaches?

Curiously enough, you'll find places varied enough to entertain anyone — so everyone finds favorite things to do, whether a beach lover or not.

As the locals can tell you, being curious about what’s beyond the beaches can show you the way to the most interesting places to visit and things to do.

Because we know, the beaches are only one attraction (of ever so many).

You only need to follow your curiosity to find your favorite places to go.

Find Favorite Places with Friends (or Family)

Fairhope Alabama sculpture in the park.Fairhope Park

Wondering where to play golf? What kinds of things do you and your friends like to do? 

Looking for a path to adventure?

What makes Fairhope different, in the middle of Eastern Shore?

Experience Culturally Southern Places

Historic Swift-Cole House

What’s so special about Southern Culture?

Music - Alabama band, songwriters, sweet home song, buffett, 

Food - influence of native/spanish/french, preserving, 

History - native tribes, spanish, french, US settlers, free-tax experiment (Fairhope),

Wildlife - migrations, birds, predators, turtles, marine life, dunes, ecology, habitats...

Gardens what are native plants, flowering, agricultural crops, seasonal changes.

Discover Places to Go with Children 

Go on a dinosaur hunt with your kids.Hunt for dinosaurs with your kids.

Where to go with kids?  

…from hunting dinosaurs to enjoying water parks and outdoor adventures to discovering wonders in unusual museums.

Places for Teens to Go Explore

Places Far More Important than Holiday Fun

What’s so important about the coastal environment?