Places to Go and Books to Read, On and Beyond Beaches

Beaches are great places to go to read a good book, any kind of book. But, when you’re on a Gulf Coast beach…reading is only one way to enjoy a good story. 

Following your curiosity is another. Explore beyond the beaches. Discover experiences that will have you adding chapters of fun to your own story. 

If you’re lucky enough to live along this northern Gulf of Mexico coastline, you know we live in a beach vacation paradise—filled with sunshine, sandy shores, and nearby places that tell interesting stories of times past, assorted adventures, and memorable characters. 

If you don’t already live in this paradise (and do love a good story), a Gulf Coast beach may be the best place for you to come, either for a short visit or a long stay.  

It’s no secret, the whole upper Gulf Coast sparkles with crystal-white, soft sandy beaches, perfect for beach reading (and beach vacations).

Upper Gulf of Mexico coast sparkles with white sand.Alabama beaches, smack-dab in the middle of our upper Gulf Coast. That’s fact, not fiction.

You’ll find a Gulf beach, especially an Alabama beach, puts you close to a great variety of places to enjoy, some with local stories attached, others you may have read about in history books, or fictional books, or even true fact books.

The obvious secret of our Gulf Coast is...neither you nor your book (or vacation) need stay only on the beach.. 

Because, as any local person (or Literary Cat) can tell you, the beaches are only one attraction (of ever so many). 

A book will travel with you wherever you go.

Reading books on the beach leads to places you can only imagine.

But, when you visit those imagined places yourself, ordinary days (and beach vacations) become extraordinary. 

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