If Your Vacation Reading Doesn't Get You Where You Want to Go...

Kick your vacation reading up a notch!

Choose more interesting books to read. Find yourself in places you want to be. 

As any Literary Cat can tell you...

Once you open a book's cover, the story inside whisks you away quicker than an airplane takes flight.

Happens to us wherever we read, on vacation or not. 

Knock the Socks Off Ordinary Vacations

Nearly everyone enjoys taking vacations. And experts agree that a vacation can improve your health and, ordinarily, make you happy.

But for enthusiastic readers like us, the magic of reading takes a vacation far beyond ordinary.

Why is Vacation Reading So Important?

Reading affects your mood and well-being as much as taking an ordinary vacation. So, one way reading benefits you is by doubling your vacation benefits.

Pluse reading sparks imagination and curiosity in ways no ordinary vacation can. 

And once Literary Cats become curious, the chase is on…for books to read and places to go until we statisfy our curiosity.

Makes no difference if we read books of fact or novels of fiction. 

Historical Fiction
Litrary Fiction


Classic Novels
Mystery Thrillers

Travel Journals
Nature Books

Cherry-pick Books Perfect for You (and Your Vacation)

To get the most out of reading on vacation, you must consider the kind of books you enjoy. But, too, consider the type of vacation you plan to enjoy.

The best books for vacation reading must fit your vacation. 

  • Road trips and journeys to unfamiliar places may require travel guides and journals along with books about places you visit.
  • A long cruise on a ship or a week in a quiet cabin allows time to read more entertaining books.
  • Visiting relatives might keep you too busy to read. Or allow plenty of relaxation time to enjoy an epic storyline of a complex plot. 
  • Traveling long distances often means limited reading time between necessary (and not so necessary) interruptions. 
  • Beach vacations? Well, a beach vacation has no limit on the kinds of books you can read. 

Spill the Beach Vacation Beans

Fortune places Literary Cats smack-dab in the middle of a Gulf Coast beach paradise—perfect for reading good books.

Gulf Shores Beachfront

Gosh! With beaches as beautiful as these, where else would a Literary Cat read? 

Poke Your Nose into Literary Settings

To Kill a Mockingbird

Court Room in To Kill A Mockingbird

Let the Cat Out of the Literary Bag

Eudora Welty's Gardens

Boldly Go Where You've Only Read Before