Vacation Reading: Traveling Beyond Pages of Fact and Ficton

Kick your vacation reading up a notch!

Read more interesting books. You will find yourself traveling far beyond ordinary vacation places. 

As any Literary Cat can tell you...

Once you open a book's cover, the story inside whisks you away quicker than an airplane takes flight.

Happens to us wherever we read, on vacation or not. 

You can’t help but to get lost in the pages of an interesting book, whether fiction or non-fiction. Reading opens an escape hatch for every enthusiastic reader. 

Reading Upgrades Your Vacation Benefits

benefits of reading / why reading is important

Obviously, Literary Cats Read on Beaches

Knocking the Socks Off Ordinary Vacation Reading

Spilling the Beach Vacation Beans

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Now and Then, We Travel Beyond Beaches and Books