Kick Your Vacation Reading Up a Notch

Does your vacation reading take you where you want to go? If not, choose more interesting books to read. 

Reading a good book will get you where you want to be.

As any Literary Cat can tell you...

Once you open a book's cover, the story inside whisks you away quicker than an airplane takes flight.

Happens to us wherever we read, on vacation or not. 

Knock the Socks Off Ordinary Vacations

Everyone enjoys escaping daily routines and responsibilities on a vacation. But vacation benefits extend far beyond time away from work. 

Experts write scientific papers and whole books about how your wellbeing improves physically and mentally, just by taking an ordinary vacation.

But here’s the trick. You get those same great benefits by reading such a book—or any book you like. 

Plus reading books stimulates imagination, creativity, and curiosity in ways no ordinary vacation can. That's why reading is so important (whether you're on vacation or not).

Literary Cats say, traveling with books to read sends you in the right direction to make your vacation better than ordinary.

But to knock the socks off an ordinary vacation—

Add a beach. Natural elements like salt water, sunshine, and rippling waves have a positive effect on your state of mind and energy.  

Literary Cats believe beach vacations take the benefits of reading books far beyond ordinary. 

Cherry-pick Books Perfect for You (and Your Vacation)

When it comes to vacation reading, Literary Cats suggest taking along books that make you happy—which books those are, only you know. 

Consider the kind of books you enjoy. But, too, consider the type of vacation you plan to enjoy. Good books for vacation reading must fit into the reading time and purpose of your vacation. 

  • Road trips and journeys to unfamiliar places require travel guides and books about places you visit.
  • A week long cruise on a ship or a week visitng relatives allows time to read more entertaining books.
  • Beach vacations? Well, a beach vacation has no limit on the kinds of books you can read. 

Spill the Beach Vacation Beans

Fortune places Literary Cats smack-dab in the middle of a Gulf Coast beach paradise—perfect for reading good books.

Gulf Shores Beachfront

Gosh! With beaches as beautiful as these, where else would a Literary Cat read? 

Poke Your Nose into Literary Settings

Court Room in To Kill A Mockingbird

Let the Cat Out of the Literary Bag

Eudora Welty's Gardens

Boldly Go Where You've Only Read Before