About Beyond Beaches and Me

You probably want to know who’s behind the information you find on this website and why I am writing BeyondBeaches.com.  And, most likely, you wonder if the information you find here is worth your while to read.

To be honest, I am just someone who has been living a beach-vacation kind of life for a few years…all the while observing and absorbing, and wondering and wandering, and exploring all that I see around our beaches. And, too, exploring a little farther away as my curiosity expanded. 

Naturally, I have gathered quite a few facts that I can share with you, about things to do and places to visit along the upper Gulf Coast, especially in lower Alabama. 

Beyond Beaches tells you about places to go to find fun and interesting things to do while on vacation near the Gulf beaches. Even on rainy beach days, our Alabama beach areas have lots of places for you to visit, enjoy, and play. 

In fact, you may be surprised how many easily-overlooked but interesting attractions you will find hiding in plain sight…just a little way beyond those beautiful beaches.  

The goal of Beyond Beaches is to inform vacationers of the variety of nearby activities that could be missed if you don't know where or when to look.

But you don't need to be on vacation to read our pages — everyone needs to know places to go for fun, every day.

Many of the places written about on Beyond Beaches can be enjoyed in a single morning (or an afternoon).  Others may fill a whole beach-break day.

And some places may be of so much interest to you, you'll want to take your time to enjoy, as long as you want — such places could become a special side trip, on your way to or from your vacation beach. Or become a whole other vacation for you to return to on your next holiday.

Success for this website will happen when something on these pages leads someone like you to a place, a shop, a person, or some entertainment that enhances your "beach" vacation beyond the ordinary…because Beyond Beaches believes every vacation deserves to be extraordinary.

Why I Started BeyondBeaches.com

Gulf Shores: Small Town, Big Beach

I had been living in this area of southern Alabama for only a short time when I started to notice that this vacation paradise offers a whole lot of history, culture, wildlife, fun things to do, and really good entertainment.  Much of which beach vacationers miss.  

That’s when the idea occurred to me to write a website about places close to, but not on, our beaches. I could alert beach visitors of nearby place that they might enjoy.

Also Beyond Beaches became an incentive for me to explore my surroundings and to meet people beyond my neighborhood.

You'll find on this website the results of my exploring and meeting — you also find generous amounts of information contributed by many of the people I have met, some of whom are now new friends.

Because I live in Foley near Gulf Shores, this website tells mainly about Lower Alabama (which includes the two large coastline counties of Baldwin and Mobile) and the neighboring Gulf of Mexico beach areas (which spread into Florida's Panhandle and splashes across Mississippi's casino coast. No one is certain how far northward Lower Alabama extends, but everyone agrees it's a wonderful place to be, if only for a vacation. 

Much of the content on this website comes from my experiences living in the area. I like to explore, am naturally curious, and usually manage to enjoy each and every day. Hence, much of my own experience goes into these pages. 

But I'm not alone in this endeavor. Many of the people I now know generously share their experiences and knowledge with me, which helps to keep Beyond Beaches interesting and accurate. (I can't possibly keep up with everything everywhere all alone all the time!)  

Luckily, friends (and strangers) generously help me to create a better website by providing more variety for you than if these pages merely reflect my own small experience and simple opinions.  So many people suggest, offer, and add input, I often refer to Beyond Beaches as “our” website because I feel a team spirit behind these pages. 

I hope you find our Beyond Beaches information useful. The intention is only to provide an introduction to places you could find interesting to visit, depending on your “likes” and “dislikes”.  Some information might not be of interest to you, but I do hope that page will interest some another person.

Let’s be clear, I do try to keep the facts on all pages accurate. However, what appears on this website is mainly opinion (mine or another person’s), and, of course, opinions do vary. No page information intentionally misrepresents any place or activity. Be aware that your experience and opinion may differ from our experience. (If that happens, you can tell us here.)

Please do contact me if you have a question or comment, or if you notice something on this website that needs attention (such as a link not working, a word misspelled, or an error in fact).