I'm a Confident User of Solo Build It!

Why do I include a Solo Build It! (SBI!) review on this website that is about places to go while on a vacation?  

Mainly because Solo Build It! is the platform on which the site resides, and, although as I write this review the site is very new and has very few pages as yet, I am confident that Solo Build It! (SBI!) is the right process to help me grow my new Beyond Beaches website into the successful business I envision. 

That confidence comes from experience. This website is not the first site I have built with the SiteSell's SBI! site builder.

The first site I built with SBI!, I sold! (Yes, for money.)

The second one I took off-line to preserve the content for use on this site, when the time is right. (Yes, I was a little slow to realize I only need the one website.)

SBI! offers new lessons to even experienced users…which continually reinforces the fact that SBI! is not simply a website builder — SBI! mentors a person to build a business. 

This ten-year experience of mine has been an interesting hobby.

It All Started in 2007 with a SBI! Video 

I first noticed an SBI review around 2007. I was not looking for a website builder.  As I recall, that Site Build It! (as the product was then named) review caught my eye because it included an example of an SBI! training video.

I immediately recognized the quality of that animated training presentation. I was impressed. And a bit jealous!

You see, at the time, I wrote software documentation (for an entirely different industry) and I could sense that those people writing for SiteSell were having a whole lot more fun at work than I was having. 

From that brief video animation, I caught the positive attitude that seems to be pervasive throughout the SiteSell company.  The way the video message connected useful information with the viewer assured engagement and understanding. And it made the documentation I produced at work seem rather boring. 

At some point I followed a link from that review to the SiteSell website where I found enough description, examples, and screen shots to convince me that the high quality evident in that first training example carried through to all the SBI! documentation, whether in text, animation, or interface design (whether user documents, marketing material, or support information).

In fact, I was so intrigued with the SBI! user documentation (called the Action Guide) that, although I was not looking that day for a website builder, I eventually clicked the Try It Today button.  My curiosity had been piqued by the apparent quality showing on every page of the SiteSell website.  Of course today, those pages would look old-hat compared to today's version of the SBI! product.

Best Investment in Myself (almost ever)

I only vaguely thought that maybe someday, way in the future, I might create a website just for fun.  Today I am very glad I took the leap that day and invested in the SBI! process (and myself).

That leap landed me on solid ground: a solid ground base from which I learned to grow a small hobby into a money-making opportunity. That's why I score the value of SBI! right up there with my going-away-to-college experience: both are experiences from which one learns much more than what is written in the book.

Since 2007, both SBI! and I have each made a lot of changes.  My cats and I moved to a beach area (where we live a simple beach-vacation kind of life) and Site Build It! (now re-branded Solo Build It!) has evolved into an even more impressive product, with ever more tools and features designed to help individuals (and small businesses or groups) needing (or wanting) to create an identify on the World Wide Web. 

I have ambitious plans for this Beyond Beaches site, and I am confident that the SBI! product I am using now in 2017 contains the lessons, the tools, and the process I need to reach my goal.  SBI! remains one of my best investments—in myself and for my retirement.

Solo Build It! Builds Way More than a Simple Website

Over the past ten years, SiteSell has done an amazing job of upgrading and updating SBI! process and tools to respond to the ever-changing internet changes and challenges — challenges that I usually do not know are coming. But I'm here to tell you, having a solution on hand before I know that I need one, certainly builds my confidence in SBI!.

The new brand name, Solo Build It!, aligns more closely with the essence of the product because SBI! has always focused more on the lone business person than merely on building websites.

The target SBI! customer has always been the solopreneur: an entrepreneur-type individual. Someone working on her (or his) own (at least, when first starting). Someone willing to apply the real work necessary to reach her (or his) goal.

No, SBI! cannot and does not make reaching your goals easy as pie. That would be an empty promise. But SBI! does make preparing for success a doable deed.

An informational website built using the Solo Build It! process gives you a solid base website. No need to know HTML or CSS or javascript. No need to add plug-ins or hire an IT expert. Step by step, you can do it yourself (with help from the SBI! resources!).

Those resources include not only instructions and examples and planning advice and tools to help make good decisions before you even start—they also input a strong support staff and an amazing forum group of users. Your never really working alone.

And when you're ready to build, SBI! provides the easy-to-learn-and-use web tools that let a person create what looks like magic to me (even though I'm the one who has put things in place to make that magic appear, much still looks like magic to me). That is because SiteSell loads quality into every process and tool to ensure rank beginners (as well as experienced users) can get things done, the right way. 

Whether your web project is a site to serve as a hobby, to introduce your daily business to others, to promote your service, or to sell your very own product, SBI! delivers the process, tools, and support all in one package so that anyone can create a web presence—one that can grow into years of enjoyment or into a solid business income.

Even the very first website I built, without prior web building or business experience and very little talent, grew large enough that when I turned my attention to other needs, I had a website I could sell as a small business, rather than an idle hobby lost in a closet.

If I could reach that small success without really trying, I'm confident that SBI! provides exactly what I need to build my current web venture into a real and successful web business.

What's the Best Feature Solo Build It! Gives Me?

  • Confidence that what I see in my browser window will appear similarly in other browsers.
  • Confidence that my website design is ready for mobile screens.
  • Confidence that hypertext links will take my visitors to the right place.
  • Confidence that advice given by the SBI! process has reason behind it.
  • Confidence that my questions will be answered when I ask for help.
  • Confidence that assistance will be available when I request such.
  • Confidence that my website will be well planned and fully functional.

Is Solo Build It! for You?

The best way to answer the question of whether SBI! is what you need, is for you to explore the the Solo Build It! product for yourself.  You can start with these informative pages:

Yes, these links land on SiteSell marketing pages. However, I can tell you from experience that what SiteSell say about Solo Build It! is real.  For instance, take note that one of the first things said, is that the website building part of creating a web business is not the hardest part. The really hard part of the process is all yours to do.

But don't worry, the Action Guide leads you to all the details you need to consider and through all the steps you need to take (before you begin to build your website).  The SBI! process prepares you to be successful.